Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Things I Would Rather Be Doing

I'm procrastinating.  I have like, 10,000 things to do today for school and I feel like climbing back into bed to avoid all of it.  I also feel like I've had too much coffee to drink and that this was a horrible mistake that is making me feel anxious about all I need to do.  So here's my attempt at destressing for a minute: making a list of things that sound way more fun and that maybe I will reward myself with after I finish everything.

  1. Hike with Doc
  2. Snuggle with Doc
  3. Take a shower (my mom would say I need to do this anyways)
  4. Take a nap
  5. Read books for fun
  6. Drink holiday drinks at Starbucks while chatting with a friend
  7. Put up my Christmas tree (I'm 14 days late.  I always put mine up November 1st.  Thanks a lot, grad school)
  8. Deck the house out for Christmas, while we're at the tree anyways
  9. Watch Christmas movies (The Holiday, Home Alone, The Polar Express, Elf, etc. All the movies)
  10. Watch non-Christmas movies (Something's Gotta Give, When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail)
  11. Wrap my Christmas presents
  12. Write letters to friends (handwritten, obviously)
  13. Design our Christmas card
  14. Clean the house (yes, I would actually LIKE to do this for once)
  15. Go to a bookstore to browse
  16. Rake leaves into piles and jump in them with Doc
  17. Practice calligraphy
  18. Run
  19. Walk on the Monon
  20. Bake pie (Angus Barn's Chocolate Chess pie, to be precise)
Hope you all have a good day. Do some of these things for me, won't you?? I'm back to burying myself in books.  Farewell for now! I'm putting on Christmas music and burning Christmas candles and pretending I'm in a winter wonderland!!


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