Monday, October 25, 2010

Slip Away.

So, here I am updating my blog a month after my entry titled "Slow Down." My sentiments then were identical to those of late. After many tears of disappointment, I have finally decided not to run in the half marathon that I dedicated so much of my summer to. This semester in nursing school was described to me by so many ahead of me in my program as being the hardest semester in nursing school. I tried to ignore those comments and push past it, but I have found their statements to be true. With the amount of time that I have dedicated to becoming a nurse, something's gotta give, and in this case it was my running. However, I now know that I am capable of running more than 1 mile, which is something I NEVER would have thought possible. My goal is to train for another half marathon in the spring, when I will supposedly have much more free time than I do now!

I am keeping my head up despite my disappointment in myself; I have a sneaky suspicion that my training was mostly for pride anyways. While I know Christ carried me through the seemingly impossible parts, I think in the end I wanted all of the credit for my ability to accomplish such a large task. Maybe when my pride is overcome, half marathon training will be more successful!

For now, I am resting in His love and praying for a heart to serve in the career I have chosen. I have so many updates regarding that, but for now I will leave it at this so I can get some sleep before clinicals tomorrow! Another update to come soon.

In Christ,

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