Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today was supposed to be a long run day for me (5 miles), but I had a friend visiting and didn't want to just leave her at home for an hour while I went running... so instead I made today a cross training day. I must say, of all my cross training days, this one has been my favorite because we went hiking at Eno River State Park and got to hike through the trail that leads to the old Eno Rock Quarry! This picture was just one that we took on our hike and I just thought the river was beautiful. We think we hiked about 5 miles (we added up all of the trails from the trail maps that we had, but we actually went to a few diff. parks and got a little confused with where we were supposed to be, so we hiked more than what we originally calculated). It was great though. I am discouraged to not have someone to do my long run with tomorrow, but hopefully it'll be ok. I miss Scott a lot and have really started to get a little too used to having him here for the summer. Getting back into the swing of things in the fall is going to be so hard since he won't be here, but somehow God will carry me through, like He has so many times before.

See you at the finish!

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