Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Today was a short run day. At first it was pretty easy to do it alone, but by the end I was wishing Diane or Scott was with me. Also, I had to wait at 4 stoplights today, but I think I made pretty decent time regardless. It took me 39 minutes to run 3.55 miles, so that's 10.99 minute miles (we might as well say 11 minute miles... but the fact that I even have a number with a 10 in front of it makes me too happy to admit that it's actually 11 minutes..)

Yesterday Scott and I did weights so that we could do our strength & stretching day after the long run. Tomorrow I will train with Scott AND Diane (what great motivation!) again doing only 2 miles (it's supposed to be a cross training day but you are allowed to run 2 miles on those days if you prefer).

Despite how stressed out I was for almost the entire day today, and as much as I did NOT want to run tonight, I am SO happy I did. That's what I always heard from my running friends, and I just thought they were crazy. It was hot as Hades today but God pulled me through and I made the 3.5 miles AND can now look back and say that it was a good stress reliever too.

My devotion last night was about ridding ourselves of our own pride so that we could fully experience God's glory, and I think that today was my first glimpse of that. When I put my selfishness aside, God does wonderful and amazing things.

See you all at the finish!

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