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Porch Yoga

I think we can all agree at this point that 2020 has been a weird one.  It's been sorrowful in many ways with a lot of loss woven into its days.  For a while, it felt like I was kicking and screaming over the losses. I wanted life to go back to normal, in any way that it could.  As the days and months have continued on, though, I'm learning to fall into new rhythms in these days and to take these as opportunities for a different sort of way through.  One of the things that I've recently adopted in the past couple of weeks is porch yoga.  One thing I loved about our house from the moment we moved in was our backyard.  It's big and oddly shaped, filled with trees overhanging from the wooded ravine behind our house.  It's perfect for our adventure-loving dog who we strap a GPS collar onto so that he can roam around chasing rabbits and exploring the woods.  It's been really great for us, too.  We used to have rocking chairs on our back porch, but we've found th…

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