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What you love & being curious

Since I became a geriatric nurse practitioner a few years ago, I've felt a strong tension between what I love and what I get paid to do every day.  I think I was under the impression that those things had to be the same.  If you read my post on Ikigai, it might seem to you that these things are supposed to be the same as well.  Your ikigai, your purpose in life, is maybe supposed to be doing the things you are most passionate about, that the world has a need for, and that you can get paid for to keep the lights on in your house.  
But I've been wondering about this for a long time, and I am now wondering if there are times when you just do what you must during the day to pay the bills so that you can pursue what you love in the margins. What if the things you love to do aren't things that you can necessarily be paid to do? Or what if they are, but you aren't good enough to get paid to do them? I love painting and hand lettering, but I'd have to spend full days and w…

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